About the Artist

about Sylvester “Syl” Peebles

Born in 1946, Sylvester Peebles has been an artist since 1976. He graduated from Maryville in 1977 with a bachelors of fine art and has an Engineering Drawing & Design Certificate from Southwest Technical Institute.

Sylvester is influenced by Impressionist and Expressionists like Monet and abstracts. Has always Liked bold colors and the use of black and white. He has had several gallery showings throughout the years including the Olivette art fair and des Peres art fair.

The Artist



Peebles work reflects the personality he has, the beauty of the world, and his overall joy. He is particularly fond of abstracts, keeping hhisr viewers fascinated by the contrasting tones found there; bold greens and yellows paired against the warmer shades of purple and blue.



While Sylvester sometimes paints with oil, he also paints  often with acrylics and adds depth and interest to her pieces with tactile, digital effects, which she achieves through the application of layers of pigments along with charcoal.


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